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Mumbling Beauty Louise Bourgeois ©2015 Alex Van Gelder

Mumbling Beauty Louise Bourgeois ©2015 Alex Van Gelder

This is so lovely. I had the pleasure of stumbling across an article in The New Yorker which presented a photo series by Alex VanGelder of Louis Bourgeois

In one of my earliest classes at Chatham, we watched the art21 episode 'identity' in which Bourgeois is featured. Her words, her movements, her moments of thought and silence were so formative in my appreciation of feminism and contemporary art. I have re-watched that episode so many times I can't count, and each time her work strikes me.

Here's her segment on art21 : http://www.pbs.org/art21/artists/louise-bourgeois

* even if you 'aren't an art person,' and 'don't get it,' watch the clip - in fact watch a lot of the art21 episodes - they do a great job of presenting contemporary artists' work in an accessible way.