[before t-swift and ryan adams]


a few weeks ago on my favorite jazz station (WBGO NEWARK) there was a really great talk about one of my all-time favorite albums - miles davis, kind of blue. on the checkout, host Simon Rentner interviews mostly other people do the killing, a current jazz  group who [note-for-note] re-recorded kind of blue.* 

it's a bunch of nerdy jazz dudes talking about nerdy jazz things, but really it's very interesting. what does it mean to remake art? is it still art? is it jazz? what is improvisation/chance and its role in a work of art (they talk about jackson pollock as a reference for visual art)?

i think about originality and recreation a lot within the context of design (specifically interiors, as that has been consuming most of my thoughts lately). trends come and go, people copy trends. at what point is it no longer design and simply a mimicking? these thoughts are a very small aside - things in my real life that i can relate to this conversation.

totally interesting topics, to me at least. 

listen to the interview here: https://beta.prx.org/stories/144203

*this was the first time I'd heard about blue, although it was released in 2014 and the original interview was about a year ago. if this is old news to you, my apologies.