in the past two weeks it seems like adulthood is getting harder and harder. what happened to sun-shiny summer days of going to the pool and eating popsicles? 

we laid our cork flooring two weeks ago. In order to do so we had to drain our boiler and take out our radiator. welp, then the radiator pipes leaked and we had to pull the floor back up to dry everything out. then we re-laid the flooring three days later. then this past weekend we started to put down quarter round and realized we had installed the flooring incorrectly around the door frames. so then guess what we did? pulled the floor up and then [you guessed it!] pulled off the door frames, re-cut and re-laid flooring.*** i cried most of the day (and maybe swore a little bit).

and now here I am this morning being an adult and paying our bills. but, oh wait, the bank we have our loan through got bought out by another bank. so all of our loan stuff got transferred to the new bank. and their online banking suuuucks. and i don't know where money is being transferred from or to or how much or if we've paid our mortgage on time. it wouldn't be so bad except I'm pretty sure our 30 year mortgage can't be switched to another bank...aka I'm in a long-term relationship with a bank/website that i hate, and it wasn't even my choice.

in other news we are taking a little moto trip this coming week. and it will be great. central, pa - here we come!


***We bought the flooring from construction junction about ten months ago, before we even owned the house...consequently we didn't have an exact measurement on how much we needed. I told my dad an **estimate** which turned out to be twice as much as we needed. no we have a corked bedroom, closet, and hallway but still had enough left over for all of these mistakes! PTL