[identity crisis]

have you ever had a botched halloween costume? how about a botched hair dying experience? ahhh, yes.... that's more like it.



well, an attempted channeling of my inner twiggy turned into channeling my inner ginger. a few things about this are funny:

1. as i sat with hair dye stripping my head of it's natural color i had a flash back: lexi, 7 yrs. mom highlighting her hair, lexi sitting on edge of tub watching. lexi says 'mom, i want blond streaks in my hair.' mom replies, 'lexi, red hair doesn't dye blond, it turns orange.'

2. i have always identified as a redhead. growing up my hair was truly strawberry blond, my sister has gorgeous, 'everyone wants that color,' auburn hair. my dad and brother are both gingers. my great grandfather had red hair until ninety-six, when he passed away. but in recent years i've had a number of people tell me 'oh, i think your hair is more brown than anything.' this would make me sad. 

3. again, sitting with dye in my hair, i noticed garance doré had just published this post about style change and how to deal. hm...providential? 

4. anne of green gables. 'nough said.

here's the verdict: it's not all that different from my normal color, it really isn't that bad. a little trim, a warm embrace, a few kind words from andrew, and i can make this work.